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Embark on a transformative journey with our internship/gap year program in Africa! Designed for young individuals worldwide, this program offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in an authentic African experience while making a meaningful contribution to local communities.

Whether you’re seeking an internship or planning your gap year, we provide a platform for you to give back and gain invaluable experiences. Choose to intern with us directly or explore opportunities with our network of grassroots organizations.

We firmly believe in the power of community. It’s through collective effort that we bring our passion projects to life. Our program thrives on the support of volunteers, donors, families, and friends.

Browse through the diverse projects available for your internship or gap year experience, and reach out to us to get started. We extend a warm welcome to all who are eager to make a difference!


Internship Projects

1. Beats of Hope Children's Home

  • Description: Beats of Hope Children’s Home (Wana Wa Mola) provides a nurturing environment for street children in Mombasa, Kenya, offering them hope and opportunities for transformation. Established over a decade ago, the home has become a sanctuary for over 50-100 children, providing essential care, education, and a platform for talent development in arts.
  • Intern Roles:
    1. Share skills and life advice with the children.
    2. Empower and motivate children towards positive life paths.
    3. Engage in activities such as dance, music, and arts to inspire creativity.
    4. Assist in organizing educational workshops and extracurricular activities.
    5. Help in administrative tasks and record-keeping for the children’s progress.

2. Beats of Hope Arts Center

  • Description: The Arts Center serves as a hub for youth and the community to explore their talents in music, dance, and various performance arts. It aims to support local creatives by providing mentorship, training, and opportunities for economic growth. Additionally, the center houses a music studio and fosters a professional football team.
  • Intern Roles:
    1. Share skills and participate in creative activities with children.
    2. Provide mentorship and support to aspiring artists.
    3. Contribute expertise in music, dance, or other artistic fields.
    4. Assist in organizing community events and performances.
    5. Help manage social media platforms and promote the center’s activities.

3. Beats of Hope Backpackers

  • Description: The Backpackers, also known as Akogo House, is a social enterprise that supports funding for the Children’s Home while offering travelers an authentic experience in Mombasa. Guests are welcomed as family members and given tours of the local projects, contributing to a global family.
  • Intern Roles:
    1. Manage and host guests at the backpackers.
    2. Offer suggestions for improving guest experiences.
    3. Assist in promoting sustainable tourism practices.
    4. Coordinate cultural exchange programs with local communities.
    5. Develop partnerships with local businesses for mutual benefit.

4. African Safari Festival

  • Description: Akogo Africa, the record label under Beats of Hope, aims to preserve traditional African music while promoting emerging talent globally. The African Safari Festival, held in the Netherlands and Uganda, showcases these talents and envisions a future where authentic African music takes center stage.
  • Intern Roles:
    1. Mentor and train creatives in music, dance, and arts.
    2. Assist in festival planning and management.
    3. Contribute to marketing and promotion efforts.
    4. Coordinate logistics for festival events and performances.
    5. Support artists in networking and career development.

5. Beats of Hope Projects in Uganda

  • Description: Collaborating with Matunda Hub in Uganda, this initiative supports rural youth in agribusiness development. Through training, coaching, and ecosystem development, the aim is to empower young entrepreneurs and create sustainable livelihoods.
  • Intern Roles:
    1. Provide business coaching and mentorship to agri-preneurs.
    2. Document project activities through writing, photography, or social media.
    3. Share expertise in agriculture, permaculture, or event coordination.
    4. Facilitate workshops on entrepreneurship and business management.
    5. Assist in developing marketing strategies for agricultural products.

Additional Internship Roles:

  • Research and grant writing for project funding.
  • Community outreach and partnership development.
  • Data analysis and impact assessment.
  • Environmental sustainability initiatives implementation.
  • Cultural exchange and language teaching programs coordination.

Embark on a journey of impact and personal growth with Beats of Hope’s internship and gap year projects. Join us in making a difference while gaining invaluable experiences in Africa.


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