Embark on a rhythmic journey with Daniel Okiror Band, a vibrant ensemble rooted in the heart of the Netherlands but pulsating with the soul of Africa. Founded by Daniel Okiror, whose Ugandan roots and Kenyan connection infuse each note with a rich tapestry of cultural influences, the band brings the spirit of Fela Kuti and the energy of African rhythms to audiences worldwide.

From the bustling streets of Mombasa to the cosmopolitan city of Utrecht, Daniel Okiror Band captivates listeners with their electrifying performances, blending traditional sounds with contemporary flair. Through captivating events, electrifying jam sessions, and the renowned Africa Safari Festival, they transport audiences to distant lands, igniting a passion for African world music that resonates long after the last beat fades away. Join us on this musical odyssey and experience the heartbeat of Africa, right here in the Netherlands.