Empowering youth, fostering change through music and culture.


Based in Uganda, Kenya, and the Netherlands, Beats of Hope is more than just an organization; it’s a beacon of hope for Africa’s marginalized youth. Driven by founder Daniel Okiror’s profound personal journey, our mission is to empower communities and youth to strive for success while embodying the ethos of helping others.

From experiencing hardship himself, Daniel’s vision emerged: to lift children from the streets, nurturing their talents, and providing them with the love and support they deserve. With projects spanning East Africa and Europe, Beats of Hope offers empowerment through initiatives like children’s homes, arts centers, and backpacker accommodations.

Infused with Daniel’s passion for social change and cultural exchange, each endeavor embodies our commitment to making a lasting impact. Additionally, Beats of Hope organizes events like the “Africa Safari Festival” and runs a record label in the Netherlands, providing a global platform for African artists.

At its core, Beats of Hope believes that helping others is the truest form of self-fulfillment. Through a network connecting volunteers with grassroots organizations, we harness collective action to create lasting change. As we continue our journey, Beats of Hope remains steadfast in its mission to provide homes for every African child in need, guided by the enduring spirit of resilience and compassion.


We are a mentorship program that blends Christian principles—love, patience, honesty—with social entrepreneurship in African products and services: music, art/crafts, food, internships, cultural exchange, media, and special oils. Our aim is to create a viable space of connection where everyone feels at home.


Loving the least, last, lost community; a world where all
street children and orphans learn to be self reliant, dignified
and have a sense of belonging. We hope to change the
perspective of Africa in a positive way to show that this
continent is more than only problems and poverty.

Beats of Hope oversees various projects, with the primary focus being Wana Wa Mola, which provides a home for street children in Kenya and Uganda. Additionally, we have other initiatives aimed at financially supporting the maintenance of Wana Wa Mola.

Our program offers alternative care homes for street children in Uganda and Kenya. Beyond traditional social work, we harness the power of music, media, art, discipleship, and cultural exchange in the recruitment, rehabilitation, reintegration, and prevention of homelessness processes. Moreover, we implement social entrepreneurship projects to ensure self-sustainability.


Spiritual Guidance

Knowing God

Mental Capacities

Education, Vocational Training, Talent Development

Social Reconciliation

Reconciliation with family & community, involving and engaging community & family visits

Physical Health & Identity

Dignity and a sense of belonging


Street children often find themselves on the streets due to a myriad of reasons: physical violence, drug and alcohol abuse, parental death, family breakdown, poverty, war, or natural disasters. Once there, they face even greater challenges, with some families resorting to scavenging at garbage dumping sites for sustenance, consuming rotten leftovers as their daily meals.

These vulnerable children suffer from a range of health issues and are often trapped in cycles of addiction to substances like glue and alcohol. Additionally, they endure the harrowing realities of physical and sexual abuse from fellow street dwellers.

Through our Outreach Program, whether conducted on the streets or in their makeshift homes, we provide essential support. We distribute food, engage in music, dance, drama, and games, creating connections with the children. Through these activities, we identify those who are ready to embark on a journey of transformation and offer them the opportunity to change their lives for the better.


Our approach to addressing the issue of numerous street children in Kenya and Uganda involves a home-based mentoring model. In this model, we admit 20-25 street children aged between 8 and 17 years into two homes—one in Kenya and the other in Uganda.

These homes provide essential necessities such as food, clothing, medical care, and education, but above all, they offer love and support to build the children’s self-esteem. The boys undergo mentorship, education, and training until they become self-reliant or are resettled with their relatives and reintegrated into the community through our reintegration program.


Africa Safari Festival

A Dutch Social Enterprise fosters connections between individuals from diverse cultures in The Netherlands, particularly in Utrecht-Overvecht, and Africa. The aim is to instigate positive change in Africa and the African community in the Netherlands. This transformation commences with altering perceptions of Africa and Utrecht-Overvecht. We collaborate with Zimihc theater Stefanus and DOCK to cultivate inclusive neighborhoods.

We mentor and empower African voices across different neighborhoods, facilitating exchanges through African music festivals, concerts, workshops, films/stories, art, dance, food, crafts, internships, volunteers, and trips to Kenya and Uganda.

Talent Center

Beats of Hope Talent Center in Mombasa, Kenya is a nurturing ground for youth and the community to explore their creative passions in music, singing, instruments, dance, acrobatics, acting, football, and performance arts. This initiative emerged from Founder Daniel’s realization of the challenges African creatives face in entering the industry, often hindered by financial barriers. The Talent Center provides mentorship, training, and economic opportunities to local talent, including the children of Beats of Hope Children’s Home. Equipped with a full-fledged music studio, the Center offers a platform for recording music and albums, with the added support of Daniel’s Record Label, facilitating global exposure for African artists. Moreover, Beats of Hope boasts a professional football team, aspiring to elevate its reach to international acclaim, akin to other successful Kenyan footballers.

Record Label

The Beats of Hope Record Label is a pioneering platform amplifying the voices of African artists on a global stage. Founded by Daniel, it serves as a catalyst for emerging talents from Africa, providing them with the resources and support needed to showcase their creativity and reach wider audiences. With a commitment to authenticity and innovation, the label not only produces high-quality music but also fosters a vibrant community of musicians, producers, and creatives. Through strategic partnerships and distribution channels, the Beats of Hope Record Label is dedicated to elevating African music to new heights, celebrating diversity, and inspiring cultural exchange worldwide.


In this studio, we uphold the preservation of African knowledge for generations to come, as ‘When an African elder dies, a library falls to the ground’. Our aim is to archive oral traditions by merging traditional music with the creative compositions of the boys and our bands.


Our restaurant serves authentic African cuisine and acts as a hub for the local community. Moreover, it serves as a training ground for the boys and provides employment opportunities for those who have completed the program.

African Shop

Jewelry making, crafting, gardening, African-branded clothing, and chicken rearing are engaging projects that impart valuable skills to our boys while also helping to offset our operational expenses. Purchase from us and support our objectives.

Akogo Guest House

Our hostel endeavors to provide a cozy environment for our volunteers and backpackers from across the globe. It serves as a valuable resource for Wana Wa Mola and fosters community involvement and collaboration. Established in 2017, Akogo House is staffed by two individuals seven days a week. Featuring a garden area, an expansive balcony, and ample co-working space, it encourages interaction among guests.

Chicken Farm

We currently manage three spaces for chicken rearing, actively engaging the youth of Wana Wa Mola in the care and preparation of chickens for sale. This approach enables them to learn valuable skills while also earning income.


Visionary. Musician. Curator.

“Join our movement in Africa! Whether you’re volunteering, attending our festivals, or traveling with us, you’re helping us provide homes for homeless children, support our arts centers, and tackle issues like child poverty and abandonment in Kenya & Uganda. We’re a social enterprise and charity based in the Netherlands, dedicated to giving children a chance at a better life. Through our arts centers, we nurture the talents of youth in communities across East Africa. But we’re more than just a charity – we’re changing perceptions of Africa by promoting intercultural exchange and offering travelers raw, cultural experiences not found in mainstream media. Your support funds our children’s homes and arts centers, making a real social impact. Join us on this journey and experience the true beauty of Africa while making a difference.” – Daniel Okiror, Founder

Our Approach

Empower. Culture. Music. Experience. Impact.

We embody a comprehensive strategy aimed at empowering East Africa’s marginalized youth and driving positive social transformation. At its core, we prioritize addressing the underlying causes of issues like homelessness, child poverty, and lack of opportunity through a multifaceted approach. By providing unwavering support, nurturing, and avenues for growth, we aim to uplift vulnerable children off the streets, offering them not only shelter and education but also opportunities to develop their talents. Furthermore, our commitment extends to fostering the creative potential of youth in communities through our arts centers, serving as platforms for artists, musicians, dancers, and creatives to thrive.

Integral to our approach is the promotion of intercultural exchange, challenging stereotypes, and showcasing the authentic beauty of Africa through initiatives such as the Africa Safari Festival. This vibrant celebration serves as a catalyst for cultural exchange, uniting people from diverse backgrounds to experience the rich tapestry of African music, art, and culture. By curating immersive travel experiences and offering authentic glimpses into local life, we aim to reshape perceptions of Africa and promote understanding and appreciation on a global scale.

Crucially, our initiatives are sustained through the income generated from our travel programs, backpackers, and volunteering opportunities, ensuring long-term viability while making tangible social impacts. Through collaboration, compassion, and community engagement, we are committed to forging a brighter future for the youth of East Africa and fostering positive change in the region and beyond.

Our Partners

Illinois | USA

— First Federated Church

Since 2008, the First Federated Church of Peoria, Illinois, USA, has been our steadfast partner in overseas missions. Annie Krummel, a volunteer from the church, was deeply moved by the plight of street children in Mombasa. Her compelling presentation spurred Dr. Forrest L. Krummel Jr., the church’s senior pastor, to mobilize the congregation. Their generous support allowed us to establish our first home in Nyali, Mombasa, providing hope to countless children. Dr. Krummel remains a key patron, continuing to guide our mission.


— Dust Boss

Dust Boss, a US-based dust control service company, dedicates part of its profits to support street children in Mombasa, offering them hope for a brighter future.

Kenya & Uganda | Africa

— Cornerstone Development Africa

Cornerstone Development Africa is dedicated to nurturing Africa’s future leaders, focusing on instilling values of community transformation and personal growth. Daniel Okiror, founder of Beats of Hope-Wana Wa Mola, was actively involved in their mentorship programs and volunteered in their street outreach initiatives. It was through Cornerstone that he connected with the First Federated Church, initiating their partnership to support street children in Mombasa. Today, Cornerstone remains a guiding force in our journey.

Utrecht | Netherlands


The Utrecht World Music Foundation plays a pivotal role in supporting arts and culture groups like Beats of Hope by providing financial assistance. Thanks to their partnership, we successfully launched the Africa Safari Festival in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Mombasa | Kenya

— Crossroads Fellowship

Crossroads Fellowship is deeply dedicated to missions. Boys from our home in Nyali, Mombasa, regularly visit and volunteer at this church. Additionally, we receive monthly food support from them.


— Caterpillar

Caterpillar USA, supported by the Caterpillar Foundation, is dedicated to global poverty alleviation efforts. Wana Wa Mola benefits from their initiatives aimed at making a positive impact on street children in Mombasa.

Utrecht | Netherlands


ZIMIHC Theater Stefanus, located in the Utrecht neighborhood of Overvecht, is a vibrant hub dedicated to cultivating various art forms from diverse cultures. On July 13th, 2019, Africa Safari made its debut on this prestigious stage. Our ongoing collaboration not only enhances the cultural landscape but also contributes to the economic growth and reputation of this multicultural neighborhood.

Amsterdam | Netherlands

— God's Embassy

God’s Embassy has provided support to Beats of Hope Africa Foundation



Dock Netherlands has provided support to Beats of Hope Africa Foundation

Düsseldorf | Germany

— ISI Institute for Social Innovation GmbH

Isi Institute for Social Innovation has provided support to Beats of Hope Africa Foundation